Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eviction day II

I throw open the doors. All morning I’ve been involved in actions responding to the eviction at Zucotti Park. I’m apalled, though not surprised, at the coordinated actions in cities across the country. It’s a clearly concerted effort to bring the Occupy movement down. I’ve been to a clergy meeting at Judson where we tried to make sense of what has happened. I’ve witnessed an invasion of Trinity Church Wall Street property.  And I’m feeling exhausted.
I’m not ready to deal with Boxer Mike this morning. He’s looking for a broom and a dustpan to sweep the steps. He’s kind of taking the job over from Deacon James. After he’s finished, he wants to talk to me again about only wanting a place to hang up his bag. Do some speed bag work.  And as always, something for the kids. He seems frustrated that it’s not happening. I explain the rules again, the procedures. He’s got pictures he took of Jane. Wants to talk again about the night the doors were unlocked. It has taken me awhile to realize he’s part of my Capital Hall congregation. He and Deacon James and Charlotte and Marty. 
I ask him about the Pacquiao-Marquez fight. He’d bought the fight for the Capital Hall TV, invited all his friends. But something went wrong. Never happened.
There seems to be a steady stream of people coming in to pray. And people wanting just to look around. 
Danielle comes and it’s time to refocus. Waiting for Chris the boiler guy to come and begin. We’ve been asked to house Occupiers just released form jail and I’m wondering if we can get it together. 
I go outside. Walk down the block. Look at the signs on the church. See a sign giving directions for the FRAG art exhibit. Someone has written on the sign Evict Bloomberg.

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