Friday, November 25, 2011

The day before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving. Looks like the Christmas tree people are arriving early this year. I always enjoyed seeing them arrive the day after Thanksgiving. I am so not ready for Chirstmas trees and music in stores and... Have to remember to pick up some sturgeon at Barney Greengrass for the morning after Thanksgiving breakfast.
It’s pouring down rain as I walk back with Katherine from a south Indian food lunch, rememebering our many Christ the King Sundays together.
Cat and Amalya are here for a tour. They’re working with Laura, one of Katherine’s students, who will be doing a spirituality experiential performance project here in December. So we do the whole building. And like every thirty and younger something person I show the church to, all they see is the beauty, the possibility. And the romance. I show them the FRAG exhibit in the chapel and they completely get it. 
Talk with Gina the gala play director. Her 412 area code tells me ...Pittsburgh. Even more, she's from my old neighborhood. 
Marc is in to further discuss his idea of a cd listening party with his killer sound system. Just so it doesn’t interfere with Laura’s rehearals. Luis arrives with his van to pick up chairs for the Ayala-Martinez-Santiago-Vega clan Thanksgiving. 
I find a backpack in my office. Call Danielle. Not hers. A little inspection tells me it belongs to Russ. My vanished Occupier...I call the #OWS housing coordinator to try and find him. Wait around hoping he will come before I have to go. Rudolfo is hanging around outside with a woman. Finally I can wait no longer. Need to go home, get ready and go to SPSA for the annual neighborhood interfaith Thanksgiving service. We clergy will come together. We will do songs, some always the same, some new and different. Chirstians and Jews and Sufis and Buddhists and Jane. I wonder with Katherine not there, who will do the Native American reading and I will laugh when it will turn out to be me. And Father Mike (the real) Tyson will do the Farmworker prayer I originally brought to this service and therefore had to read every year and Jane and Jeremey will do the Sanctuary song they got from me. That’s what will happen. Happy Thanksgiving. 
An oud player and Pastor K

Fatheer Mike, Pastor Elise and on the end, Tony

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