Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today we signed the contract for a new boiler

We’re counting the checks, doing the math, closing in on the boiler decision....Jane comes by for extended conversation on the developing relationship between her Sanctuary congregation and West- Park. Trying to put more details into the Center vision of partners sharing values and a commitment to intentional collaboration where circles intersect and at that intersection something new happens. It’s not about renting to a tenant....Lisa Semple comes by to go over final details for the upcoming fundraiser across the street at the Belnord, that effort to get all the funds needed for the boiler.  And to be sure to bring cards for the December gala benefit.
Walking up Amsterdam, at the church, I run into Sarah and her father visiting from Denver. Along with Jerika and Sarah’s business partner Jacob and Danielle, they’ve been getting everything ready for the opeing of our next gallery show, Frag, on Friday night .  On the way to Stony Point to connect with Rick Ufford-Chase on further developing a partnership around the arts and social justice. 
Amanda and I wait on the steps to meet with Sara and put more plans into place regarding the creative end of the gala event. Activities, events, explorations throughout the building. Amanda working on a concept for a night of mini-set concerts in the chapel.
BUT the big news is, today we turned over the check and signed a contract for the boiler. Stepping out in faith. Alea iacta est.  Tonight I will walk across the street, face a crowd of   neighbors, activists, politicians, clergy friends, and tell them all about the Center vision and then that we have made the commitment. And we have done so because we believe that the community will support us and see the project through. It will succeed. 

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