Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ready for the boiler work to begin

Get up. Go to the church. Let in  three youg actors, Craig, Michael and Gina. They’ll be performing the West-Park play for our non-gala benefit on December 5th. I work in my office as I listen to them rehearse in the sanctuary....
When I come back to the church, Lilly and Alma are clearing out the Halloween decorations. Luis is in charge of clearing out the old boiler room. This room by room process is excruciatingly slow, but every project takes us one step closer. Luis is a stalwart, project after project he has stepped up and quietly taken control, done the physical things that I can’t right now. He’s got his own history...his time of political activism, part of the squatters' movement back in the day. Marrying into the clan, father, now grandfather. Lived through the days when Iglesia Presbiteriana de West-Park was Cuban and South American dominated, neoricans not quite fully accepted. But five generations in this church. Sunday afternoons in the park watching the West-Park Angels softball team. His nephew Stephen shows up to lend a hand. Luis, that quiet strength, helps keep me going. 
Danielle and I preview the week ahead. Check out the basement. We’ll have to give up the old speakeasy space for the winter to store things there. We’re ready for the boiler work to begin.

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