Thursday, September 24, 2015

The holiest day of the Jewish year. And all that could go wrong....


Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. And a beautiful sunny day. I went down to the Village to the Bitter End to catch the (jazz) service of my friend Rabbi Steve Blane. I was honored that he introduced me as a clergy friend and as a singer/songwriter. The day felt good.

Jeremy drops in for a brief meeting planning this Sunday’s service music.  He’s got an Equinox gig happening  tonight in Brooklyn.

The insurance inspector has been there all day going over every inch and trying to think of every thing that could possibly go wrong.  Meanwhile the security camera people are back trying yet again to get all the cameras working and the buzzer system finally on line. Well there are kinks yet to work out. The magical from a distance system we thought would work on our cellphones ain’t happenin’ . The security system people and the insurance inspector make for an interesting combination.  (I was shocked to learn in our conversation that our friends at Liberty Mutual handle upwards of 100 child sex abuse claims a year…)

The steps have been hard all day. I’ve got to tell one of the sisters she can’t sleep there because an angry black man is asleep in the north doorway. Can’t be havin’ people sleepin’ there during the day. I call Project Reachout to talk about the sisters again. Get a voicemail. I ask Dion to please keep an eye on the steps while I’m out.

Pat O has stopped by just to make sure everything is going right with the systems people. The peace of the Yom Kippur service and warmth of the  sun in the village seems far away.


Sam G comes in  to talk about social media again. And a possible Grateful Dead venture and pulling all our artists together to create a shared artistic vision statement. They always speak of something special at West-Park. But what exactly is it? Let’s see if we can spell it out.

While Sam and I are talking, the Dzieci folks arrive in the darkened sanctuary and begin their warm up exercises. Jason is meeting one of the leading trans performers and activists to keep the conversation going.

Finally connect with Project Reachout. A plan is evolving. It will be hard but we need to move on with the sisters.

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