Saturday, September 26, 2015

A new idea...and an open mic


Mike Handelman and RL close us out with Stay Awhile

This morning the Pope spoke to the UN. And then to Ground Zero….

Martin has a brilliant idea about a program we can do while his company is here in December. Concerning the roots of flamenco in the golden age of 15th century  el Andaluz where Arab and Jewish, Spanish and gypsy cultures all converged.  Would like to do it in December before Antigona reopens.

I’m  treated to an hour of Alex Fry playing her music as she takes a break before heading to work.

I continue to puzzle about our two sisters and what to do with them. At least we’re working together with Reachout.  I have to  make sure that the sanctuary is completely empty during Open Mic. It’s making me anxious.

RL as always opens the night
RL opens
followed by a comedy set by Stephen Bea
Stephen Bea
who is a teacher in his day job. The first musician is pedal steel guitar virtuoso Michael Pfeiffer
Michael on the pedal steel
who has arranged some old standards like Blue Skies for his instrument. We’re excited to learn that John Holland
John Holland
has an upcoming gig at the Bitter End and that his Second Avenue song has been accepted for a movie. Michael joins me on 3 original songs on his pedal steel.
Bob and Michael
I struggle with tuning but am loving this. Blues Man Mike Handelman is back with his own interpretation of Aretha’s Respect (along with a tip of the hat to Rodney Dangerfield).
David Smythe
David Smythe
once again  leaves the sound board to do a set. Jessie and Jeremy share another original and a Dylan cover. They work really well together. And have a gig coming up at the Path in the Village. 
Jessie and Jeremy

And then Mike comes up to join RL on Stay Awhile and the night is over.

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