Monday, September 7, 2015

A painful end to the week


The biggest event all day I will refer to as the stubborn man. Asleep in the north doorway. I wake him up, tell him he can’t sleep there. During  the day. And that he’s got to clean up after himself.  He points to where the sisters usually hang out. Why don’t you tell them to move, huh? It’s cause I’m BLACK…. Well they are actually not there at the moment. But I do respond. Wearily. I am so tired of the race card. No it’s not cause their white and you’re black, it’s cause you’re drunk and asleep and they’re not…
Oh yeah? Well why don’t you just go ahead and call the police then, cause I ain’t movin…
You don’t really want me to do that..
Go ahead. Call em. I ain’t movin.
Actually, I don’t want to do it.

Dion tries. With no success. And he doesn’t want to do it either. As I head for my bus, we decide that if he’s still there in the morning. We’ll call.


He’s gone.

Long conversation with a congregation from the prosperity gospel tradition. West Coast rooted, New York branched.  They want to rent our sanctuary at 11 every Sunday. Would pay a good price to do so. Question is….are we ready to do that? Ready to give up sanctuary Sunday morning? Will our identity be eclipsed? We do find the chapel more intimate. But…Very difficult question…We could use some prosperity.

Long meeting with Martin to talk about the future. But he wants me to understand that Antigona happened because of my vision. That it would not have happened without me. I don’t let myself know that or believe that often enough. And if I’m gone, he’s the first one out.


As I approach the church, I see Geoffrey with several relics and artifacts and items around him, sub Saharan straw hat on his head, shaking a cup. Until he sees me. Good morning Geoffrey, I say. He nods, smiles a little.

The larger sister has spread out a blanket and has laid out all kinds of bracelets, earrings and other craft items. The south end of the steps  is beginning to resemble  the porch at the Governor’s Palace in Santa Fe. I truly do have to deal with this.

But I am exhausted. Could not sleep last night due to pain. Finally fell off at 5 only to wake up at 7 for my 8 am meeting. We’re talking about the budget. Don wants a balanced budget for 2015 by October 1st. He has come up with a bold proposal, but one with profound philosophical and mission implications. We are going to need broader involvement for this discussion.

As the day stretches on, the pain increases. I make it to the doctor just in time to get a prescription before they close. It doesn’t seem to help.

By the time I’ve finished dinner with my boys, I’m in serious pain. I tell Marc to go in and take my name off the Open Mic list. No way I can play and sing tonight. I’ll leave my computer and other heavy stuff here until tomorrow. Won’t be doing anything more tonight. Nate feels he should accompany me home.


Late in the day, I make it into the church. Spent the night in the emergency ward. There are 5, not 3 broken ribs. But the lungs are ok. Do my best to prepare for tomorrow’s worship, but I’m in semi-haze. When the printer stops working, that’s it. I text Leila to let her know she’s have to deal with it in the morning.

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