Saturday, September 19, 2015

On any given Friday....

RL, Michael on pedal steel and blues man Mike

For the first time, it’s a 9/11 and I’m not even thinking about it.

Jason drops by late afternoon, He continues to have regular meetings with people who can be potentially involved in the project. People with anger. And creativity. And passion. Who have  been living at the margins. We must keep enough room for them to have space here.

I stick around, feeling  good enough to give Open Mic a try.

The pedal steel guitar player Michael Pfeiffer  is back again.
Michael P on the pedal steel
 Josh on the guitar, Kate on fiddle and Eric on sax make up a trio for bot originals and covers including “Free falling” and a very long sea epic.
Eric, Josh and Kate
Mike Handelman is back again with his blues. 
Blues man Mike
And James does dramatic declamations of Dire Straits Bonaparte and Stan Rogers’ Mary Ellen Carter. We have a great conversation about Stan Rogers, a great Canadian folk song writer and singer who died much too young. ( 
James and the Mary Ellen Carter

David Lyons did 3 country songs again, backed by Michael P on the pedal steel.
David L and Michael P
Michael also backed me on all 3 of my songs, adding my Queen of the factory Town this time.
Bob and Michael P
Dion has one of his best stand up nights yet.
Dion rocks
And Michael and Mike joined RL for the final Stay Awhile….


A long day. Andrea, a sad and honest woman shares her story. There is ultimately nothing I can offer but prayer. The two sisters have an ever expanding presence outside. There’s no one  at Project Reachout to help me as they’re  all on a  staff retreat. They relate well to Dion, who’s filling in for Leila while she’s in Japan., showing her art. Melissa, the friendlier one, takes on little projects for Dion. I’m  glad they feel safe, but ultimately, we are not helping. Sitting in and around the church all day is not a life.

I actually felt awhile like the knife blade had been removed from my back.

An interesting crowd tonight. Soundman/handyman David Smythe takes the stage for a set.
David S
David Lyons has his country set again.
David L
Alex plays some originals completely unplugged,
Alex unplugged
as does Jay Mark who goes with blues by Bessie Smith and Dave Van Ronk. (Another personal favorite there…  )
Jay Mark
Dion has another strong positive set. 
Dion rides again
One of the sisters, Melissa,
plays a simple religious song on the piano. 
Young Constantine has a piano solo. And some strong early Dylan, Gypsy Girl. 
It’s good to have young Jeremy back with his new singing and writing partner Jesse. They’re turning out some good tunes and some good harmonies.
Jeremy and Jesse
Carol, from French West Africa has a romantic song in French
Carol en francais
and Steven Bea
Steven Bea
has returned for another set of stand up. Which only leaves time for RL to close us out.

Hang outside awhile talking music with Constantine and Jesse and young Jeremy. David L actually grew up with Dylan as  a father of one of his friends. Biggest memory being his own personal pin ball machine in the house.  As the younger ones leave  and David and I walk down the street, we agree on any given Friday….you just never know…

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