Thursday, July 31, 2014

Work in progress


Day begins early with a meeting with a prospective architect for our reconstruction project. Jerry, a construction manager is here for us. And Marsha. And Jamie. And Pat O. And Don arrives, with a fresh pot of coffee and mugs. We do the whole walk through, looking at every place on our priorities list. Talk strategy on dealing with the Department of Buildings. We have a good feeling about this one.

Jeremy M comes in, fresh from his Lincoln Center success and getting ready for his upstate gig. But we want to talk about worship. We talk about the need for repetition and familiarity to build singing community. How our Jewish neighbors at BJ use the same songs every week, occasionally different tunes, but everyone knows them. How we can use guests, a feature every Sunday, same framing songs for a month at a time. And we talk about the Bible. How some passages are reminding people of why they left church. The pain of judgment and exclusion.  And we talk about maybe the harder passages are better for study sessions, for people who really want to go there. And maybe have a theme for a month at a time. Invite guests to make a contribution to that theme. We talk about how to draw in seekers, spiritual but not religious. And we keep working on Amanda’s idea of special guests every week and steps concerts every Sunday. I feel like we’re getting somewhere.

TK and Heather come in to begin to discuss the week of Hiroshima events we have scheduled. This is becoming a big event. Photos are being delivered for the exhibit. Having to work out between Mc Alpin Hall decorated for the Texas Trilogy like a Tulsa lodge hall and dramatic photos from Hiroshima.

A man comes in complaining that he can’t sleep. I can’t help him with that. But I can relate.

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