Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Keys...and a beautiful day


Jeremy comes in. He's excited. He has found the missing key to the music room and made 3 copies. Crisis averted. But he's more excited that he's on the offical listing of the Lincoln Center website as a member of Toshi Reagon's Black Rock Coalition Orchestra and their Deep Roots of Rock and Roll  concert as part of Lincoln Center Out of Doors. ( His career is starting to move into the mainstream.

Nan come by with checks to sign and just to visit. Her visits as our bookkeeper have become so much more enjoyable since we actually have money to pay bills and regular pay checks. For over 9 months, her basic role was to just try and keep us hopeful in a dry time. We are thankful for people like Nan who stayed faithful against the odds and never gave up.

Pat O in for our weekly check up on to-dos. The real focus is a careful analysis of all the bids we have received on the basic construction projects we have decided to undertake, We need to remind ourselves that this is significant. Since we returned in 2011, we've put in bathrooms and a new boiler but this is the first major reconstruction project we've been able to undertake. That's worth celebrating. I've finished the work on the first draft of a mission strategy. I need my folks' response.Tomorrow we'll be interviewing a potential construction manager. We keep struggling to understand it's no longer about survival, we are moving ahead. 

Leila and Berik in  to check on their exhibit.

The rain has stopped. It's cool out. A beautiful day. 

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