Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Performance and the Sacred: continuing the conversation


Sam, one of the young Dzieci comes in wanting to start some rehearsals for his late August Cymbeline with Ryan. No problem.

A woman is looking for the Seed Group meeting, but I think it’s not until tomorrow night. She sees the bowl with Angelo Romano’s angelitos, smiles, asks what they are. I point to the art work in the sanctuary from Angelo, explain that they are original pieces of art work and have spiritual power. And I invite her to take one. She smiles again. Holds it close. Thanks me. Goes to look for the group.

Priska found Woodshed’s storage room open and lots of valuable things vulnerable so closed the access from the  inside and her studio to keep everything safe. And expresses her thanks for RL  keeping an eye out for her and helping her out.


Jeremy G is back from a wedding in Nashville, Mario from upstate and Rishika has just been here. Time to evaluate last Friday’s conversation on Performance and the Sacred. Pretty well met expectations. We talked again about the difference between the Work Center folks interacting with existing congregations and the emerging community that comes for the Open Choir and Seed Group. People have historically joined churches out of a belief and Roman Catholic and Church of Christ churches do have a set of beliefs that define particular communities. People come to the Seed Group from many and no faith perspectives seeking a particular experience.

The question is, can that experience be the basis of building a community of mutual accountability and capable of reaching out to others?  That continues to be an open  question, but I want to explore it. And Jeremy G and Rishika are interested in seeing what will happen. We also continue the discussion of what it means to use words that you don’t believe. Mario says that there have been attempts to change words of songs, but that seems to change the song. And Mario talks about how each person is challenged to find their own song.  

And I continue to wonder how this all connects with West-Park as a church, and am willing to wait and see what develops.

Jeremy M and his band the Magi are in the sanctuary rehearsing for a big gig they’ve got coming up at the renowned Falcon upstate. Opening for Arc Isis. 

RL is in for a lengthy review of all current realities, concerns, open issues, etc. 

Time to leave for a gathering and discussion with Rick and Kitty Ufford-Chase about Stony Point. (

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