Tuesday, July 15, 2014

At lunch we talked about dual faith families


Early morning meeting.  Serious things to talk about. Decisions to weigh. One thing is clear...we've got to get a construction manager asap and get the work started. Pat O is assigned to contact RL's friend Jerry and set up a meeting to get this moving. By mid-afternoon, it;'s done. He's coming Thursday.

Day getting more and more ominous. Sky getting darker. Leila, Berik and I meet at the 85th street entrance  for our annual Philharmonic in the Park night to meet Don and the gang. But the sign is already up Due to inclement weather and concerns for public safety, tonight's concert is cancelled. We walk back to the church together. Always more work to do. Until RL invites me upstairs and pulls out some old tapes and I hear some early versions of songs I've grown to know, like his rich cinematic take on Dylan's One More Cup of Coffee.

Another early morning meeting coming up tomorrow.


The Center board gathers. Mim back form her place in the Berkshires. Ted from Costa Rica. I remember my old church journalist friend Jim Gittings  who said If  when i die I can't get into heaven, I'll settle for Costa Rica. At this point in the summer, we're prettynmuch on the same page.Marsha's third go at a memo of understanding moving the Center into building management seems close to done.  Next we'll taken it to the Session.

My old friend Sheila G come by. For over 20 years, she and her Interfaith Community of New York have been pioneers in providing resources for dual faith families. Ranging from education to support groups to celebrations, helping couples to  feel that they are not alone. And as they meet with other couples, discovering that there are no rules here, each interfaith couple creating their own reality , their own understanding, model, of family and practice, but in dialogue with others. Of course, the latest data shows that this is the wave of the future. And it's already here. In some respects, demand is getting smaller as dual faith families become more normative.

What's really needed, however, is an understanding by  seminaries that students training to be clergy need to be prepared for this growing reality. To help create communities as places of welcome and acceptance that do not push towards conversion. And that two faiths can be lived in parallel with out having to join together in a universalist mash-up or secularized life. I admire her work, enjoy being an advisor and promise to work on this educational angle. One more place where the future is already here.

The day crawls slowly by. Jeremy and Priska are in. The keys to the music room are missing. A thorough search turns up nothing. Frustration. 

There's an open window in the balcony. Danielle found a sick pigeon in the office and had to chase him out. We get David S to secure the window. 

Feeling very tired. Tonight, one more Philharmonic concert will be rained out. I'llurban  toggle back and forth between the All-Star game and a streaming live video of Amanda's concert in Chicago with her jazz vocalist friend Erin. 

Tomorrow's another day.

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