Sunday, December 29, 2013

The third day of Christmas: an art show, an open mic and an expanding fan base for the Knicks


Another  quiet day. Rachelle still on her endless work of sorting through her stuff. She comes to Dan and I and says Who’s an NFL fan? With a never been worn New York Giants hat. And then begins an extended conversation about the New York Knicks. So…Rachelle is a die hard Knicks fan? I remind Daniel that his mentor with the Sixers told hm the Knicks have the best fan base in the NBA. Were they counting Rachelle?

Outside, George hasn’t moved. Soon I’m going  to have  serious discussion with myself about George. I go out to speak  with him, and he begins with So you hear about UPS? And George tells me all about how the delivery service has been so overwhelmed, that it has  has failed in its delivery by Christmas promise. So that explains why my present for Nate hasn’t arrived. And Dan’s for Nate. And Andrea’s for me.  I heard it from George 24 hours before I read it in the Times.

Dan spends two hours with me developing move out/move in to do lists. An then goes home for dinner with his brothers and mother. I’m getting ready for open mic.

Bobby and Kristin stop by. I married them in Hoboken. With  New York City license. So now we need to redo the papers and the church is their official wedding site. Their parents will sign again as witnesses tonight. Good to see them. Never had that happen before.

Berik and Leila
Berik and Leila
have a new show, Freedom of Creation. They’re attracting a growing number of young artists and their openings are beginning to have the feel of events.Tonight there is even a full bar. And some crossover with the open  mic. Though the floor is thin and the projection with music has to tone down after 8PM.

When Leila sees that her collage with rice has been attacked by mice, she repeats what I already know…Rachel and her carts need to go.
Young artists

Tonight’s special guest is a singer name Eitan who is coming up at a performance at the Bitter End.

Joe regales us with a recitation of Robert Service's the Cremation of Sam Mc Gee. Strong stuff well done. But I still am in awe of his recitation of the Ballad of the Black Fox Skin that he delivered from the pulpit in the darkened sanctuary for an audience of RL and I. It will take it's place in the declamatory recitation and reading hall of fame along with RL's original Red Ryder and the Fat Lady (And that is the actual title...I had it right back in 2010...)

I’m happy when I see Nate and Kisenya and Dan and Micah arrive. And even happier when Micah joins me for Merry Christmas from the Family by Robert Earl Keen and Hank’s So Lonesome …along with Pat. Merry Christmas may be my favorite Christmas song right now. It goes to the heart of the non-romantic, even humorous reality of families and Christmas without condescension and ultimately care. And of course, So Lonesome….is one of the all time  greatest written songs. Only sorry I missed some lyrics.

Hallelujah, everybody say cheese  
Pat O, Bob and Micah
Merry Christmas from the family.

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