Monday, December 16, 2013

Rich people


Cara and Stephen stop in. Cara has been released from the hospital. And what makes me happy is every day she was in the hospital she was visited either by someone from the congregation or Open Mic. The community is being a community, taking responsibility for  each other, standing with each other.

Another dance group  is touring the building, checking it out.

As always, I’m happy to see Danielle and Daisy working together.

One of the neighbor coops is holding their annual board meeting here. It goes quite long.

RL passing through. Keeping an eye on things.


David G is in to check on details for his upcoming concert.

One of Milica’s musicians back to pick up a left behind music stand.

Stephen and Cara. And an extended conversation with an exciting and creative idea by Cara about  a new outreach project. . Well worth pursuing. She heads for Queens.  He stays behind. It’s quite cold.

We have a rule: if it’s under 32’, it’s an automatic call to 911. No one is going to die on these steps again. There is one man asleep in the south entrance. We agree. He’s got to come inside. Stephen will stay with him.  No one’s dying here tonight.


Karen, one of mes amis de les arbols quebecois, comes in to fill her large water container. Rich people, she grumbles, would you believe it? They bring their dogs here. They pee allover our trees. And right in front our van. Where we sleep. They think they own the street. Rich people!

Would you believe it?, I say, I just had a father having his kid pee on the side of the church. Yo, I said, what are you doing? We’ve got bathrooms inside. This is a church. La casa de dios! What are you doing?

The young boy looks up embarrassed. Sorry, he says, abashed. The father is scowling at me. Seriously? I ask the fatther.

Stephen is here. Helping to prepare for tonight.

I run into Rachel on the street. Consider trying to avoid her. But I can’t. She’s just out of the psych ward at St. Luke’s. Evicted from Capital Hall. Because of her cart. Which was removed She got an attorney to help her get out. Within  48 hour, she has amassed enough stuff to fill yet anther SUV cart.

I’m doing  this for the tree people, she says. Later she will drop by the church. Again, I will remember what I’ve missed since she's been gone–that desire to shoot  either her or me within three minutes. No, two. She’s speaking with sadness and concern about the issues at the church.  And the delving into my home life. . With that I almost lose it. No, I say, no…) It’s going to be very cold again tonight. We go through our  you can vs. yes, but…. routine. I’m looking  for Abbot & Costello. Sigh.

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