Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How much ocean can you catch?


Sara Neufeld
The darkened sanctuary is filled with an audience waiting for Brandon's concert. First to perform is Sarah Neufeld, known mainly as the violinist in Arcade Fire. She plays new classical, but with flourishes of drone, jig and reel, blues slides, jazz...Towards the end of her set, the main artist, Nils Frahm, from Berlin, joins her for improvisation.

During intermission, I'm happy to see a crowded Mc Alpin with people checking out Berik and his New York Realists exhibit as they sip wine, beer and even a little Makers Mark. The Brooklyn hipster crowd is always more about 
beer than wine...especially the women...

Nils Frahm
Nils Frahm explains that he's had a recent hand injury. He begins by using two mallets on seemingly every inch of the piano. The a piece that goes on a long time with one finger and one key that then blossoms forth. Now loosened up, he branches out into other explorations. Then calls Sarah out for another improvisation. Then an encore. 

Teddy says to me, This is great to have in your living room. And I think about how we could put together an amazing resume of all the performances here in the last year.  I continue to be amazed at the audience Brandon pulls for new music.  How an audience into house and electro is drawn to new classical as well. 

As I leave, Teddy is hanging out, talking to the musicians. 

At the end of my conversation with Jason, I told him I feel like I'm standing on the shore. The waves are breaking over me. My hands are open, trying to see how much ocean I can catch.  Again.

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