Sunday, September 23, 2012

But money, no


The crazy woman from last night is sitting outside on the sidewalk near the bus stop. Teddy told me she stayed the night,and as we expected, doesn’t want to leave. But now she has. I’ve got to catch the Jitney out to the Hamptons for a wedding. Not much time to spare. Teddy wants to talk. 

A guy in a white jacket comes in, says he’s Steve the nurse. Don’t I remember him? Well, actually,  no. Needs to speak to me privately. I know what that means. And no we can’t lend money just to see me through to payday. Luckily, I have no cash. And we just don’t keep it around.

I need a sign that says:

No money here. Don’t ask.
Welcome, yes.
Food, often.
Referrals as needed.
Conversation, yes. 
Questions answered, we try.
Arts and culture, yes.
Medical assistance. Yes, but not right now. 
Prayers on request.
But money, no.

Time to head out to the Hamptons.

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