Monday, September 17, 2012

Fools in the balcony


Back from Louisville and another adventure in national church politics.  Still wondering why in all my travels, the most aggressive homeless people I have encountered have been in Seattle, Washington and Louisville, Kentucky. Seattle, I kind of get. Once you're there, you've reached the ends of the earth.
Louisville, I don't know. I think because downtown is so eerily empty at night. Anyone walking is open, alone and vulnerable. But lots of cities are empty at night. Need another theory. Can't even walk from the Actors' Theatre to your hotel without running a gauntlet.

Three good things about Lousiville:
1. The Mayan Cafe. Maybe the best lima beans I've ever encountered.  And you don't expect Mayan in Louisville.
2. Louisville Actors' Theatre. Anyone who subscribes gets a good mix of classics and the best of what's new and the annual Humana Festival of new plays always produces something that makes it to New York...
3. Bluegrass Brewing Company's Bourbon Barrell Stout

Tonight I come to see the Festival of Fools production of Tim Bungueroth's Zeal of the Zealot. Tim is somehow channeling a medieval miracle play through Elizabethan iambic pentameter with contemporary language. Not easy. This is the third in a trilogy about a trickster and his story of redemption and temptation while on a journey to discover his true self. The young and enthusiastic cast has a lot of connections to Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. They thoroughly enjoy their work and so do we. And on this night, councilmember Brewer is here to show support.  They also enjoy knowing they're playing in the remains of Jospeh Papp's old space. The ghosts of Riverside Shakespeare linger.

I'm waiting for Teddy to return from his job at the Federal Building. Need to catch up on what happened while I was gone.

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