Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dream. Real. Hard.

First to arrive this morning is the fire alarm guy. Following up on Verizon’s work yesterday, within an hour his work is done and our fire alarm system is fully up and running again.
Deacon James comes in on his way back from the hospital. Says he thinks maybe he’s doing his daily clean up too early becasue by the time he comes back from his hospital trips, things are messd up again already.  He’s beginning to feel that maybe it’s time to look into senior housing. There is no one more constant and faithful than James. He’s been there from the snow storms if winter  into the heat of summer. 
Then Luis drops by along with Pete. To talk about the church. And I tell him how much I have appreciated his leadership, his wisdom, his ability to organize and direct a team of people through a task. Whenever we have needed someone, Luis has been there. As well as being a strong male presence in a church world of mainly women. He has been the essence of elder.
Marc and Sarah arrive to talk about their campaign plan for the Centre. Ted and Mim, John and Katherine, Hope and I are all there. They’ve done some very creative thinking about how to use the upcoming Woodshed time and the next months as a way to ramp up to our gala.  They have come up with a proposed logo. To Ted, it looks like the Altria logo and to me like the Bolivian indigenous peoples’ flag. This will need to change, cool as it is. (I’ve always liked that flag...)

Bolivian wiphala: indigenous peoples' flag

Best of all, though, is the tag they’ve come up with: Dream. Real. Hard. Lots of resonance.    Echoes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A desire to be authentic, present. And to be tough and determined in pursuit of that dream. They want to get it up on the scaffolding. As soon as possible. And have a connection to the scaffolding company to make it happen. 

Strange..during the meeting, I keep getting people come in who want to sing...first a middle aged woman who wants a choir, then Caleb, a young African-American Presbyterian new to the city....classically trained baritone...
Hope and I wrap up some business and send out an e-mail letting everyone know about the sign idea, the tag. Then Marsha arrives to start in on the many thank yous  due to so many for our concert series. Stephen stops in and we have a good conversation about Woodshed’s speakeasy, as a theatrical appetizer for their upcoming play. And how to cover all necessary bases. 
It’s time to go. Human being is asleep again on the steps.

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