Monday, June 27, 2011

He is, we are, keeping the faith

Open the church for the fire alarm people. But they can’t do their work because Verizon has not shown up to reinstall the fire alrm lines. So our first task this morning is to get Verizon here. Danielle and I planning the week. Deacon James walks in, on his way back from hospital. Chemo. He is, we are, keeping the faith. 
Amanda comes in from her coffee with Katherine. We head to Joe’s, focus in on a potential new worship service. Radically reimagined. In addition to, not replacing our current service. 
Return to the church. Start planning the week. Pastor Elise Brown comes in and I take her downstairs to see Woodshed’s speakeasy. She’s blown away, especially by what’s being used that has never been anything but dead space. Cone back up. Talk about what we've learned from having an office in the front and doors open to the street. She showed me the way on that one. 
The tech woman from Verizon shows up and we go on a search for the box. Find out its actually on 87th and we’ll have to get the cooperation of the super. At least Amanda made connections with every doorman concert week. 
Feeling overwhelmed again. Lots to do. Too few people. Too little time. Danielle heading to a wedding and vacation. Amanda to a workshop and home for awhile. Going to be alone. Not looking forward that.

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