Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Press release for upcoming interfaith Thanksgiving event


A Rabbi and Reverend singer-song writers to orchestrate global Thanks Giving

 On Friday, November 20, two New York spiritual leaders will conduct an interfaith online music service to celebrate the bounty of our earth, give shared thanks for our blessings and connect citizens worldwide as a step towards peace.

In 1620 the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in search of religious freedom, traveling for sixty five days with bibles to practice their faith without persecution. On November 20, Sim Shalom founder, Rabbi Steven Blane, and the West Park Presbyterian Reverend Robert Brashear, although not donning Pilgrim hats, will join together for an online Thanks Giving music and prayer service to inspire gratitude for the earth's abundance and celebrate diversity of
spirit with a message of acceptance and pluralism.  Unlike the Mayflower voyage the program seeks to bridge connections rather then escape from them and no travel is required. Congregants of all faiths and citizens from around the world can simply join in for the free event and participate via the live chat by clicking on at at 7:00 pm EST.

Creating uplifting music has been an integral part of Rabbi Blane's and Reverend Brashear's work both within the pulpit and in less traditional settings such as jazz clubs. West Park Presbyterian Church has build a dialogue of interfaith harmony with its authentic mutual conversation outreach program. Sim Shalom the world's only virtual Synagogue has connected individuals around the world with its weekly online service platform.  According to Rabbi Blane " Combining our musical voices and experiences to build universal discourse rooted in mutual respect and compassion is a  perfect vehicle to elevate the conversation. Music transcends languages. Loving they neighbor, starts on the local level and grows exponentially. "
Reverend Brashear has years of experience in spiritual policy development in Mexico, Central America and the Middle East, and locally as a founding member as Westsiders for Peace and Justice located in New York City. He is the Chair of the Interfaith Assembly for Homelessness and Housing. The reverend sings and plays the ............................... and has performed with a variety of artists. His recordings include the Movement Music Project of the Peace poets.  

Rabbi Blane, who is also a Cantor, has dedicated his work towards a vision of inclusion. Most recently he spearheaded a new movement of Jewish Universalism that embodies the principles of non judgement acceptance.  Rabbi Blane has performed in iconic venues including The Bitter End in Greenwich Village and performs regularly in jazz clubs as a singer and piano player. He has released several CD's including "Live Jazz High Holidays".

This event brings full circle the rabbi and the reverend's music collaboration. They have performed together in the Home ( Away ) Band. 

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