Sunday, May 18, 2014

Easter 26: Forest.Trees. Weeds.


Hey, uh, I’m here about the open  mic? Like you have an open mic?
Yes, we do.
And poetry, I mean is poetry, OK? Cool?
Yes it is. We’ve even had tap dancers.
A face lights up. Cool. Cool. Like when?
Fridays, here 7:30. Starts 8, 8:15 or so.
Cool. Yeah. OK. Cool. Thanks.

Nan has made her weekly visit to go over bills, See where we are. And just to visit.
There are only hours left before the Dos Pueblos folks arrive to start getting set up for their event Friday night. We’ve got to get David S on the case. Actually on the ladder. Changing bulbs in the chandeliers. Fixing holes in the floor so no heels get stuck. Do everything we promised Lupe we’d do.
Karen’s piano and voice  creating a soothing feeling in the sanctuary.
And all too soon Lupe and Ann and  the Dos Pueblos crew are here to get set up. The communists we’ve been working with have nothing on Dos Pueblos when it comes to organizing and detail work. Lupe knows exactly what she wants and how to get it done. That’s what it takes to be an executive director. And as for the group, all those years of solidarity work in a hostile environment taught valuable lessons. Here, too, is persistence and resilience.
Pat comes in with his Mind Map program. To help Danielle and I out of our mental morass and define clearly next steps and to do’s. Over the course of the next two hours, forests, trees and weeds begin to distinguish themselves from each other. This is what we need not to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the spinning mobile of strategy. It begins by recognizing what has been accomplished already.
RL ducks his head in just to see what’s going on.
Dzieci is in the darkened sanctuary, beginning their weekly rehearsal with chant and song.
I’m leaving to go down to SPSA and see Lynnea’s Frog & Peach production of Shakespeare's rarely performed King John (so recently rehearsed at West-Park).  Then  get together with Pat O for one more review. The week is fast coming to an end.

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