Friday, May 2, 2014

11th and 12th Day of Easter: May Day. Solidarity. And we took care of the mice.


Steady, cold rain, all day. Kind of day where your feet get wet and stay cold all day long. And the rain keeps falling harder.

Yesterday, Geoffrey sat in the back of the sanctuary, asleep through the clergy meeting. Later I saw him on the pew in the narthex, left hand on his heart, right hand open and raised up in a right angle salute. Eyes closed. Looking like a National Geographic portrait of an African tribal noble.

Lotte, Carman and their sound man are all in to check things out for their performance Friday night of their 14 song cycle, Girl from Diamond Mountain, a powerful, disturbing and in the end hope-bringing exploration of child sexual abuse and recovery. Lotte’s friend from Denmark,Karen has come as well and we give her a tour of the whole building, which is new for Lotte as well. (

We look in on a Noche meeting in the chapel, still developing Antigone.

Pat O comes in to help me organize my thoughts and plans for the Session meeting and soon enough they all arrive, ready to deal with a new offer, lists of emergency building needs, staffing the porter position and thinking about the future. We make enough decisions to move forward.

RL and Katie R are heading out to help Harvey celebrate her birthday. I’d love to stop by but need to go with Jamie to the B to catch up.


May Day. I’d love to join the Religion Labor Coalition in the march, but too much else to do.

Come in to the church to show Lupe and Ann and their intern around. They are from Dos Pueblos, the Tipi Tapa sister city project that had it’s roots in the Nicaraguan solidarity movement of the ‘80’s when the US/ Contra war raged and I was back and forth regularly over seven years. Dos Pubelos is one of the few of the solidarity groups that has  kept faithful and maintained relationship. Good seeing them on May Day. (

Geoffrey is resting or meditating again.

The exterminators are back. And we are virtually mice-free. Getting rid of Rachel’s carts pretty much solved the problem. Another case where the liberal press saw the romance of a colorful neighborhood character. And we took care of the mice.

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