Thursday, August 2, 2012

New relationship beginning


A morning with P______ in housing court. Emotionally exhausting. A mistake, a paper she signed, did she even know what she was doing? made it a slam dunk for the landlord. How justice can mean taking someone who even with bipolar has managed to keep a job, pay her rent and raise kids and not only evict her but seek to ruin her financially, push her into the homeless population, all for the sake of profit, it angers me to rage.

Breakfast with Chris who for years was in charge of the housing deal we were trying to pull off until Landmarks, and the economy intervened. He's left the for profit world and returned to non-profit housing in East Harlem. He's excited by possibility, what could be done.  Offer to help at West-Park. Need to figure out what that could be.  Lots of memories of weekly breakfasts trying to move a process forward. Seems long ago now. 

See Luisa on the street. Turns out she came to the Sanctuary NYC event as well. Felt worn out by the energy. Sorry to have missed Bible Study.  Looking at some outpatient surgery on Friday. A sweet, gentle spirit.

Martin, Teddy and Dan hard at work transforming the session room into a studio. Join them for lunch in the chapel. Martin with all kinds of creative grant and funding possibilities.  I get excited. And 

It's time for a test. Martin's wife, Soledad, a world renowned flamencera, steps onto the floor, slowly begins working her feet into the passionate, rhythmic pounding that always looks like it could bring sparks from the earth. We head out to different places to see how much sound comes through. Obviously comes into the chapel. And Marc comes up from his workshop below to see what's going on. But everywhere else, sanctuary, Mc Alpin, fine. Thi sis going to work.

Dan is watching Soledad, mesmerized.


Martin has more ideas about development, fundraising, ....too much for me, need to get him together with Ted. 

Cleaning out a closet. Dan says reminds him of an episode of the Hoarders. We've cleared so much detritus out of here, but so much still remains. Gets depressing. 

Theatre companies all over the place. Lost track of who's who and who's where. Dan goes out for a deli sandwich and joins me in my office for lunch.It feels good having him around. 

Nan comes in to review where we are financially.  What bills can be paid. Still out on that tightrope without any net....

Late in the afternoon, the whole Noche cast is here for rehearsal. Now we can really hear the sound.

I'm thinking about the different people we've lived with ....the Woodshed gang, Occupy Wall Street, now Noche Flamenca.  A new relationship isn beginning. We'll see what it will bring.

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