Thursday, August 16, 2012

It is the critical moment

Dan is busy painting as Martin continues his project to brighten the entry way to the church...Jeremy G is negotiating a space to do his semi-immersive production of a play based on Arthur Miller’s the Crucible, yet another  in the ripples flowing from last summer’s the Tenant...Gregory, the Sentinel, is keeping his watch. 
It is storming rain again. As Luisa arrives, the rain is stopping and we go to the back for coffee and conversation. I learn of her story from a small town in the Dominican Republic to the city streets of New York City. She is big hearted, caring, creative. Having witnessed the whole scenario with P____ on Sunday, she has ideas and wants to help. If only rational conversation were possible. She looks around the patio, our backyard, has a vision of a beautiful garden with vegetables, a grape arbor, beautiful flowers. And I can see it. There’s a city program....As usual, I know it can happen, but with so few people....
The rain has created a strange situation in the basement. Marc shoes me how the water has shifted fro the front to the back of the boiler room. And at one point, the drain in the rear was actually spouting water, not draining. He’s got the sump pump working at full speed and fans blowing to dry the place out. Will we ever win this battle?
Glen has arrived with his little dog to clear out the last of the remaining items from Dem Dahk Days...there will also be a read through of tonight’s presentation of the Disappeared, a play about the Dirty War in Argentina proposed as a production for West-Park.  I have enough friends who lived through it that it would make for a great panel discussion. And an opportunity for a discussion with our neighbor, B’Nai Jeshurun. Their former rabbi, Marshall Meyer, who brought BJ back to life, had risked his life confronting the generals, standing up for los desaparacidos. We need to do this. 
Steve and Jay
(photo by Marc Stager)
Steve and Jay come in, excited. Jay has been accepted to Bronx Community College. And his VA benefits will help him find housing as well. We’ll call this a victory.
The Center Board arrives for a crucial meeting. We are nearing the point where its go or no go with the partner we’ve been trying to create a deal with. They’re a week past deadline. We call them from the meeting. They want to have another conversation. Jamie, in her hardass professional mode, lets them know that’s not good enough. We have to get somewhere by tomorrow. Our backs are against the wall. If this doesn’t go through, we will have to put the church house on the market. Which we do not want to do. This is it. It is the critical moment.

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