Monday, August 13, 2012

I wonder what he's receiving


 One of those work Saturdays. Martin, Nayeli and I start talking about the whole process and strategy behind development, grant writing, etc. Jamie joins us and we get back to negotiating out a longer term relationship between West-Park and Noche. We're getting close. 

 Outside, the Prophet seems to have fallen asleep on the steps.He's wearing his conical hat and a long batik dress, like an African shaman.  I rouse him, he looks startled and  and immediately bows and goes into prayer. I come back later and he is standing out on the sidewalk, face towards the sun, alternately bringing his hands together in prayer and then opening his arms wide as if to receive a blessing.  I wonder what he is receiving. What it feels like. Seems to be soaking in the sun as it plays over his face. 

 Steven stops in to talk about the music we've scheduled for tomorrow, methodically working through every song. We spend a little time talking about social media and his proposal to move us forward. 

Later, Sarah comes in. She's gone to Boston to retrieve my bound dissertation after many months from her business partner, Mark. She sees Teddy and they exchange a big hug. She's also glad to meet Teddy's son for the first time.  There's a lot to catch up on. I also introduce her to Martin as the person responsible for the branding identity of the church and the Center. She knows Noche well and is impressed to find Soledad dancing in our Session room. We head to the B for conversation. Get her opinions on how things are developing. She may also have another theater group, one that she had wanted to bring in as part of our 100+ campaign, that still feels drawn to West-Park. We talk of weddings. Marketing. And her upcoming trip to Thailand. It's good for me that she still wants to feel connected. 

 Later, coming home after a movie, I find Edward asleep on the steps. Cross my fingers. Hope all will be well in the morning. 

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