Saturday, October 15, 2011

And the rest of the day

Danielle is not able to come in. That will make a crazy day crazier.
First meeting is with Tracy Kwon of the Anti-Sweatsop Campaign, We have a long talk about her work and Occupy..... Her National Movement Against Sweat Shops had a very long discussion about how to respond. What does this movement mean? How do we understand it ideologically?  How did they manage to hit such a nerve? What does it mean for those who have been in the trenches all along?  She was clearly not wanting to engage in sectarianism.  She’s also been working hard to connect the anti-sweatshop campaign with grassroots organizing against gentrification in Chinatown.  At the bottom line, Occupy...has opened up space for dialogue and conversation about class based issues.And no matter where the movement goes, the necessity of building relation based long term orgainzations will continue, no matter what. In the final analysis, only organizations will bring about lasting, sustained systemic change. We talked about what we will do in church on Sunday.
As we’re finishing, Jed walks in, just back form Nice. He plays piano for awhile then we go to Popover’s. He’s got new ideas about the Bible marathon we’re scheduling for next May. He promises to have an overivew by early next week. And we also continue to discuss his dual piano, four hand/eight hand idea. Maybe starting with four makes the most sense.

I go to Barney Greengrass to pick u a fresh coffee. Good yontiff, says Gary. So I don't see your sukkah, I say to Gary, you're welcome to put one up in our backyard. Have a good one anyway, he says, and I'm back to the church. 
Marc is in to tweak the sound system. And Jane’s friend Deryl is in to start painting the bathroom.  Hope and I discuss plans for how to get the church ready for Sunday. It’s been a very long day.

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