Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When it rains

Steve Goodman of the Educational Video Center retunrs with Casey his financial person and Peter and architect.  We tour the whole building again, top to bottom. Simply amazing to see what Woodshed has done to the space. I feel like when they’re gone, we should just rent out the rooms, for say, $1500 a month. The EVC folks keep thinking about how they could connect the two rooms overloooking Mc Alpin. They’ll go back, think some more. We’ll see what happens. 
A striking tall man has come into the sanctuary. Introuduces himself. Guillermo Esparaza, a world reknowned iconographer. ( He’s worked at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Vatican. Mainly Orthodox, but when I say, Hmm, you’re Spanish, Orthodox? he says, It’s all God, it’s all holy, it’s all one. Familiar story...he lives in the neighborhood, never saw the doors open, always wanted to look inside. I’m beginning to accept how hard it is to reestablish presence, make clear that we are here, that we are open. He’s moved  by the simple late 19th century beauty of the space. I can only imagine what he could contribute here.

Deacon James stops in for his daily visit, returning from the hospital. His complicated medical oddysey still up in the air.
When I return from a visit to the accupuncturist, back still killing me, everything is dark. Danielle tells me that Woodshed is ready to run through the dramatic final scene of the play. The ominous music from the score by Dunan Sheik of Broadway’s Spring Awakening fame fills the sanctuary. So we watch as final moments unfold. Stephen is right, fucking awesome. 
I go to meet with RL. Concerned about the closing of P&G. I’ve developed a pastoral concern for the community of musicians who have found a home there. Wondering what we could do.  Outside the heavens have opened and rain is pouring down. Get a frantic call from Danielle. Leaks have sprung all over. There’s four inches of water in the basement. Running streams. So I race back through the rain.
Semi-apocalyptic scene. Stephen frantically squeegying the floor. Danielle had run out and bought a sump pump which is working at full bore to empty the water. We check out all the places water is pouring through. Drain pipes that were supposedly repaired in the work done by the Conservancy. Emergency ad hoc measures being taken. A new sagging ceiling in my old office. Everything feels on edge. And once again, I think about all who romanticize this building. They just don’t know, they just don’t know. Danielle has called Anne  at the Conservancy. She’s on vacation. RL has offered to send by one his men. 
I call Marsha to tell her I’m going to be late for the gala meeting crosstown. The first preview is less than 24 hours away.

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