Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A day of building and business management

A pair of movie 3D glasses and two keys. Is there a story here?
Marty is on the  steps speaking to himself in a high pitched voice. I greet him. He looks up in a wary, anxious way, then quickly scampers off. This must be one of his bipolar episodes. Marty and George, superior intelligence, mental illness, I find it so hard to fathom.
Watson Plumbing arrives. I’m expecting that they’ll handle all our emergencies, but they’re only coming to deal with the men’s and women’s downstairs bathroom. The busted drain outside, the gushing pipes, will take more negotiation, a down payment check. There’s little time to waste and less money.
Hope walks in to prepare for our money meeting with Nan. Then Willy arrives to give an estimate on the 86th Street basement grate and door that is dangerously askew. Looks like $2800. Is this the only way? What are our legal requirements here. Just sealing it off worries me. Hope will help check this out.
Nan the bookkeeper comes for our meeting. Two solid hours of intense money talk. The abyss is looming. Where will the money come from? When will promises be kept? At least we are getting information to facitilitate some planning. But walking on the tightrope without a net gets exhausting.
Stephen and I talk on the street. Plumbing. My bad back. Press. Neighbors. TV may be coming. Opening night is tomorrow.
Feeling done, but I still have another meeting to go to Danielle returns tomorrow. None too soon. 

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