Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Requires split second timing

Danielle tells me she has spent a lot of time with Edward today. He was trying to clean up with cardboard when she arrived. There were cardboard beds in all three doors. (The homeless problem in the city is clearly increasing.) He asked for broom and pan. Worked hard. They talked. He’d been drinking, but coherent. Teary. Not belligerent. His youth in Harlem. Child abuse. His time in the service. On the streets since 1988. The year she was born. Later in the day, she told him that The Reachout folks had arranged a long term rehab placement for him if he’d come in. He smiled and said, They know where to find me, and walked off. She feels drained.
She’s leaving for a trip back to Iowa tomorrow. Lots to be done. Councilmember Brewer has reported progress. Sounds encouraging, but...We pull out the brown paper, secure it on the wall. Write categories across, the building, fund raising, programming, publicity..list everything that needs to be done, next steps, who’s responsible. Still overwhelming, but at least we can see it. I’m getting ready to go and talk with Jane. 
Trelkowski continues to leap from the balcony. For this moment to work, to really work, to hit you in the face like a brick, requires split second timing. Not quite there, but getting closer. They’ve added French movie music and the word FIN on the screen behind where Trelkowski jumped. A nice touch.

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