Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twelfth day of Lent: And three cents

Walking to the church from breakfast at Marsha’s. We reviewed last night’s Centre Team meeting. Disappointment over having to delay our gala. But still planning  a 100th anniversary celebration for June. Open house, concerts, maybe more. The boiler issue still dragging on. But the drain and roof work starts tomorrow and phone and water soon to follow.  Progress. Pushing to interview and hire a much needed Administrative Assistant. Insurance maelstrom. Much to talk about, much to prioritze...
Sunny. Warmer, but still cold. As I walk down 86th, not too far in front of me a short gray grizzled man in a gray poncho decorated with llamas walks up to the church, touches the red sandstone with his fingers and then his fingers to his lips and continues on his way. An empty Palo Viejo rum bottle, broken. Lottery tickets. Matches. A bag of pretzels. And three cents. I add it to my collection. I sit and read Jim’s proposal for a historic drama about the church.  Note his clever use of Broadway songs. Sense of story. And humor. Part of what he uses everyday in his work at ABC radio. 
On the way back, I stop at Councilmember Brewer’s office. Constituents are struggling with a rent situation. I talk to her community liaison person. Tell him I need a meeting. It's been too long again. Things need to move, faster.

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