Thursday, March 3, 2011

A long day at the office

Twenty degrees feels so much colder on the way down...
Today there’s a large bag with so much stuff in it I’m not even going to look. Straight to the trash can on the corner. I keep wondering what goes through people’s minds...
The representative from Warner Brothers was referred to us by HBO. Last year, HBO had looked at the empty Mc Alpin Hall as a possible set location for their new series Boardwalk Empire. The lack of  heat and bathrooms was a problem. I still sometimes wonder what the set would have looked like. Imagine Knucky Thompson here in West-Park.
The scout is looking for a space for a holding area for a new movie being shot in the neighborhood in March and May. This kind of usage could be very helpful for us. I remember  in years past, before  we left, all the times the Law and Order cast and crew were here. The shooting of Revolutionary Road with Leonardo Di Caprio that brought a block full of vintage cars to our street and the extras to West-Park while Leon hung out at Barney Greengrass. 
And then  my all-time favorite...the Saturday Night Live sketch shot in our sanctuary. It starred Renee Zellweger and was a wedding with everyone in Kiss costumes. Never did quite get that. The scout is impressed by the openness of the space right now and the opportunities that presents. He'll get back to us.
Then another plumber comes to check out our boiler. Estimate number two. He remembers when they came right after the burst pipe accident two years ago. Wants to know the story, since then. I tell him the whole landmarks saga. “Landmarks?” he says, “the KGB.  Look, it started out all right back in the sixties when they saved Grand Central. But this is completely out of control. KGB, Gestapo tactics. Look, I have a client in Chelsea. They’ve got granite sidewalks. Granite. Who can affirm to replace granite? Are you kidding me? Every window, every door knob, and roofs? Jesus..oh, sorry, Reverend....KGB. It’s not right...” I just nod my head. Been there.
Again we cover everywhere. he’s checking out the hot water heater. Wants to check out the roof. We crawl up the ladder and into the old scout room looking for the doorway out onto the roof. It’s dark. Shaky footing. “That’s it, I’m done,” he says. “be careful, reverend,” as we head back down. “I’ll send you the estimate, ok?” he says as I see him to the door. One more to go...
Finally, I meet a young woman who has started her own marketing/consulting firm. She represented one of the craftspeople at the festival. She fell in  love with the church. Loved the use for the crafts fair, the music festival. She connected with Amanda. And was blown away by George on the steps. His Afro-centric apocalyptic vision was mind blowing for one from the  Black Baptist community. She laughs when I talk about his combination of  Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, the Black Hebrew Nation and George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and the Funkadelics. 
We talk  about our upcoming centennial celebration. How important it is to our future. Amanda’s concert series, the possible synergy. She will draw up a proposal. We’ll talk more.
We finish our coffee. Time to head home. Think I’ll stop and see Rachel on the way. 

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