Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Planning is power

Today: large clumps of rice and bits of Chinese food. Remains of an iced coffee and a plastic spoon. No chopsticks? Must not have been in New York long. I take the time to not only do Amsterdam but the long windy stretch of 86th as well.
Thinking of my breakfast down the street with Marsha.  Lining up more plumbing companies for estimates on the boiler. This must get done. Everything else depends on it. Talking about how things get stuck. Great ideas still born. Getting from here to there. The difference between visions and reality. Thinking back to the Planned Parenthood rally on Saturday.  I brought back my favorite button:  Planning is power.  Of course in the context of the rally it has to  do with family planning, the power that comes from being able to be intentional about reproduction. No, about children. But for me, for us, there is a broader metaphoric meaning. Planning is power.

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