Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The days grow longer, the light will grow


Deacon Linda Marassa is waiting at the bus stop in front of the church. She has just finished her daily shift as a volunteer at the Westside Campaign Against Hunger down the street at SPSA. She compliments me on my red and green Christmas Yankee hat. Inside, the door bell rings. I open to find a young man in a yellow down jacket and black Euro glasses. “Hello,” he says,”I’m from Italy. These are good clothes. I thought you could use them.” I say “thanks” and take the bag. Outside, no George. I hope this means he’s indoors and warm. Stop by and say good morning to Francois, talk about the water falls near La Malbaie, Quebec, near Le Domaine Forget where Micah spent two summers. it’s the first day of winter, the longest night of the year.


First, an evaluation meeting with Ted at the Diner and then John joins us for a financial discussion. Some 750 people came through the fair and there was between 9 and 10,000 dollars in sales. The music made the difference in the cold. Some were just curious it to see the space, to see life in it again. The financial mountain to climb by mid-January to gain the chance to bring this project to life remains daunting, even overwhelming. John asks the hard edged questions that must be answered to have a chance to live.

Barney Greengrass is a maelstrom of activity as Gary prepares for the avalanche of Christmas orders. Boxes of bagels and bialeys stacked high, his workers, experienced over the years, keep calm in the storm. By tradition, it seems like every Jew in the neighborhood comes in for a Christmas morning breakfast of sable and lox and scrambled eggs. I wish Gary the best to get through these days. “Say a brucha for me, Reverend,ok?”

The steps are quiet today. The sun is shining, the air warming. “A beautiful day,” says Francois. From here on out, the days grow longer, the light will grow.

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