Monday, December 13, 2010

A can of Cobra and homemade cookies


Gray and cold. An empty 40 can of Cobra and a plate of homemade cookies. That’s an interesting touch. I take down the posters advertising Clean Up Day. As I’m in my office planning my week, a woman comes in and asks if this is the church that gives out food. I direct her down the street to SPSA. I look at Jim’s poster for our Christmas project inviting people to bring food for WSCAH or pennies or children’s pajamas. I look up at the beautiful backlit Tiffany window of Jesus the Shepherd, child in his arms. At the old wooden manger scene. I‘m thinking about the arduous, complicated task of getting the heat back on. And I’m wondering if this is the last gasp of this old church. The last romantic effort. Or the birth pangs of a new beginning. Closing up the doors, I say “Hi” to Gary Greengrass on his way home from his shop. Eleven days to Christmas.

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