Thursday, December 16, 2010

A day of preparation


Le’s call it a day of preparation. We’re getting ready for the Crafts Fair that will open tomorrow. Ted and Amanda arrive first. Later, Judith from New York Creates will arrive bringing multiple trips to her car to unload. It takes Ted and I many trips to get all the chairs into the places they will be needed. My son Nate arrives to work with Jamaal in taking care of the difficult tasks like hanging the banners announcing the festival on the scaffolding and trimming the sanctuary with white lights.

When I see the white lights that have been hung up, I can’t help but remember what it looked like in here "back in the day" when we had the lights and garlands of green and a forest of Christmas trees filling our sanctuary. It was like a magical reality had taken over our space.

In the late afternoon, Amanda’a musician friends arrive to start setting up the stage and the sound system for the music festival that Amanda organized. Hugo, Micah and I are getting ready to go the Venezuelan consulate’s holiday reception.

I'm told a story. Of a father who after 50 years --and many years of child support-- has discovered by DNA tests that his son actually had another father. (A bit ironic this time of year when we study the Matthean genaologies.) It's going to take awhile to sort through the ramifications of this. He's going to talk to him. His son is still his son.

That’s what it was, a day of preparation.

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