Friday, July 24, 2015

Only one more block to the church


Crossing Broadway, a neatly dressed older woman with her husband following behind. Approaches me. Birdlike. Sir, do you have any change?
What? I look in disbelief. Do I have change, why?
Well, I’m a little short, that’s why. She says. Insistent. I check my pockets. No, no change.
Well then do you have a dollar?
Still in disbelief, I look until I find a dollar and give it to her. They make their way across the street, him a step behind. 

A man comes out of the subway saying firmly, loudly, but not shouting, Jesus is coming back. Get right with him, repent…Jesus is…Only one more block to the church.

Come to church after the monthly Micah Faith leaders luncheon. Building towards an October meeting to begin the push for a real living wage. Meanwhile there is celebration of the Governors’ endorsement of a $15 an hour wage for fast food workers, a victory they never thought they would win. The mayor has created a new clergy council and appointed a staff person to work with it. And a judge talks about his struggles in mediations around the whole frustrating stop and frisk issue, though change seems to be underway.

Phil is in for a conversation. Former pastor with a lifetime committed to the struggle.  Currently part of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, that meets at West-Park every Sunday, they’re currently planning a march against police violence for October. I’m wondering about coordination with the Black Lives Matter movement.  And we’re talking about how to make clergy connections, like with the broad based representation who come to the Micah meetings.

Our conversations are interrupted by a steady stream of people walking in wanting to buy tickets to Antigona. That New York Times review has had an impact. I keep directing them to the Noche office inside the 86th street door.

The sisters still on the steps.

Dion has been bringing Krispy Kremes, which is both a blessing and curse.

I’m surprised to hear the sound of an ambulance siren and then have two EMT personnel walk into my office. Did you call 911?
It came from inside the church..

So I get up and take them into the sanctuary. One of Noche’s key crew people is on the floor, surrounded by dancers and singers and Martin. Seems he tried to lift a massive light and heard something crack. Then his legs went out from under him. We all hold our collective breath. But he seems OK. Maybe a pulled muscle, maybe a hernia. He’ll know in the morning. So it’s all back to preshow preparations.

The box office is open and the line forming as I leave to meet Beppe for conversation.

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