Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Easter 44: June has begun


Chris and Kelly are here from Seattle. Nate’s college classmates and friends. Chris is planning a pop up art exhibit of photography and painting and DJ music. We’ve got to settle on the right room and figure out what needs to be done. They are Hawaiians and out of the Seattle Pacific islander community. Or rather, they’re Pacific Islanders  who are part of the hip art scene of Seattle. Welcome to New York City…

They decide that Mc Alpin Hall will be the best place to show, so I introduce them to Berik who will have to take down his current show for a night to accommodate the pop up.

I’m  on the steps and look up and surprised to see Christopher M who I haven't seen for a long while. I mention that Zeljko is raising money to try and finish our dream film and that he wants to expand his work on Teddy. At the mention of Teddy's name, Chris crosses himself. We go in to see if any mail has come recently for him since he moved out, but I can only find one piece. I’m happy that Chris is looking good and that things have been going well for him. We did good on that one. I tell him that we’ll let him know if anything  else has come when Danielle comes. RL will be sorry to have missed Chris.

David S and I talk about how Steven S can repair the pigeon tower covering when he comes in tomorrow but in the end decides to do it himself so one project taken care of. I remember an appointment I’ve forgotten so hurry off to take care of that. When I get back, Danielle has arrived so we sit down together to map out the week ahead.

Ryan and his friend from Dzieci are in to discuss their plans for an August production of Cymbeline. And Dzieci itself wants to do a quick show of Makbet this weekend.

I step outside again and see Rudolfo. He looks  up, smiles, comments on the weather. No more desire to go back to Havana. 

When I come back late, I run into RL and decide it’s time for a conversation at the Gate. The first full week of June has begun.

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