Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dion's 15 minutes and congratulations Nick


There's Dion (center) in Women's Wear Daly

Just a little time to visit with Danielle until picked u by Javier and Cynthia to be taken to their wedding rehearsal in Chappaqua. President Clinton is not coming as far as I know. After the rehearsal and dinner, I’m brought back to the church. Open mic is still going on, though nearing the end. Dion has been congratulated by everyone for his 15 minutes of fame, selected by the New York Yankees to be part of their Yankees Hope Week. He was personally measured for a custom made DKNY suit by Yankee captain Derek Jeter. Appeared on TV and radio news, several daily newspapers and even Women’s Wear Daily.

Here’s the full coverage of Dion’s 15 minutes:

Twitter:  #hopeweek

Congratulations were also in order for banjo phenomenon Nick who let us know, bashfully, that he had just graduated from high school. We felt very proud to have shared in his last year.
As for me, I repeated my set from the night Jeanie came: Lonely Hearts, the Connecticut Turnpike song, and Tonight Will be Fine. Felt good to be back home again, performing again. Even though exhausted. Tomorrow we’re back for Make Music New York.

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