Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The twelfth day of Christmas: Whirling oaks


The last day of Christmas. Leave my Wednesday morning lectionary study group unsettled and disturbed. As usual. In a good way. Struggling with word made flesh. How destabilizing Jesus can be. Order out of chaos. It’s the storm tossed, uprooted creation that cries ”glory.”

Call my attorney friend to check on P___’s difficult case. And discuss strategies for bringing those who made public promises to us to accountability. Trying to think through a lunch where I will try and make this vision plain. How ironically hard it is with old friends who I’ve worked with for so many years. It’s so clear to me, yet so hard to put into words. Struggling with integrity. What is “collaboration”? How far can you go and remain prophetic? What do we owe to our colleagues in the faith community? Is landmarking really the issue for which to give up our life? Can we create new relationships and partnerships and still be faithful in witness? Questions swirling like the whirling oaks in Psalm 29. Questions stripping the forest bare.

The protestors are back in front of Saigon Grill again today. Signs in English, Chinese, Spanish. Multilingual chants. Like the restaurant workers, we too, need to act. We have no heat. We’ve thought, we’ve brooded, long enough. And brooding, thinking can be mistaken for passivity. We need to act. Now. But what action? That’s the question. The kings are standing in the doorway, one more day.

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