Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The city holds it's breath

Amazing how much trash can accumulate in one day. Windswept. Wind blown on the steps, against the doors.  A coffee cup. The usual cigarette butts and matches. A plastic bag of magazines.  One glove.  And a key on a string. Hmmm. Wonder where that came  from. What the key opens. What the story is.  I decide to hang it in easy sight, just in case. 
The morning’s breakfast meeting  tells us we’ve got enough money to make to through the quarter.  Keep Presbytery off our back. More time  to develop a plan.  And a challenge grant that will triple our funds if we can only raise them.  The boiler issue teeters on the brink of falling back into the black hole of insurance adjustors hell. Can’t let that happen.
An older good Presbyterian woman was among the dead in Tucson.
The city holds it’s breath, waiting for snow. 

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