Wednesday, September 13, 2017

a brief note....


Just a brief word from the author...greetings from Denmark...they say the happiest country in the world...but more of that later...

It's now official...after a few glitches, thanks to the hard work of Sam Gibbs, what was 'West Park Press" has become "Just Enough for the City."  What began as the daily reporting on the story of West Park Church as it sought its renewal and rebirth by West Park Pastor Robert Brashear now becomes an ongoing reflection on the role of the church in the global city and of followers of Jesus in our day.

There are still pieces of reflection and analysis related to West Park that will be part of this blog, but in a larger context. All the history remains available on the blog as well.... I look forward to continuing our conversation!

Yours on the journey
Pastor Robert Brashear

P.S.....Now that I am officially emeritus from West Park, I am free to explore the world and open to invitations!  Feel free to contact me at to explore possibilities...

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