Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wild Goose 4: What is my part?


Sunday worship with the Trinity UCC Church

Wild Goose 4

In a conversation with Frank Schaeffer about how he moved away from the theology of his childhood, Frank responded that the first time he changed a diaper, he knew there was no such thing as intelligent design…

In a last conversation with Brian McLaren, Brian says we need to seize the time. We are organized for the wrong reason. We need to redefine evangelism as an invitation to people to be part of the solution. 

He described a ministry called The People’s Supper ( that pledged to do 100 dinners in the first 100 days of the Trump administration for conversation. Brian says we don’t need safe space, we need brave space. And we can make a difference…we can raise our children to be brave, courageous and strong. 


The choir from Trinity United is back one more time to lead our parade and lead us in worship.  The much anticipated preacher is Sister Simone from nuns on a bus.
Sister Simone
When thinking about Paul’s analogy of the body, Sister Simone sees herself as stomach acid on the body of Christ. She speaks the importance of radical acceptance. And the need not for push back, which only reinforces resistance, but to fight for. 

She asks us where are you?  and what breaks your heart? Certainly in her experience gender and gender based definitions have been heart breaking, even in a changing catholic church. 
She calls us to four virtues:

  1. Joy. When are our hearts are broken open, joy is possible. And  joy is most of all a communal virtue.
  2. Holy curiosity.  We are called to understand, not judge. 
  3. Sacred gossip. Sharing our stories….these two ( 2 and 3) weave our communities together. 
  4. Doing your part. All we’re called to do is our part, not all parts. And we can help each other discern what our parts are.
And it is in community where we will find  the energy to keep going.

The service ends with a shared Eucharist. And its time of the Goose to pack up its tents and move on. 
Bob, Kristen  Leigh and Russ


Russ’ Goosecast tent was down after his last ‘cast, before last night’s concert. Sad to see it go…..

I go back to my campsite and break down my little space, packed up and ready to go.
From my campsite
I walk through the festival site to go get my car, watching the world that came together for a few days deconstructing itself. Of course the Desanka folks stay until the end, sharing food. I’ll pack up the car. Head south to Asheville. Catch a ballgame. Play some music. Visit some old  seminary friends. Wild Goose 20017 is over. 

These are my personal reflections, vignettes of my experience. Others would have different stories. Even about the same events. We each have our own. I leave filled with excitement and ideas. Amazed (and overwhelmed) at how much others have already done. Anxious about my own capacities. How can I make my website happen? Revive my blog? How do I figure out the book business? What is the reality and possibility of my music? What is my community? My usually buzzing mind is working double time.

I missed the temporary tattoo artist. I want to do my Zuni sun sign again and am not quite ready for permanent ink. I miss the woman who made the purple batik shirt I enjoy so much. And I missed the songwriting contest. I continue to feel there’s something missing in the whole approach to music. We need to move beyond the progressive end of the Dove playlist. There needs to be a way to not just have performance and artist led sing along jam sessions but time and place to share creativity, projects in process with peers. Rev. Vince has other exciting ideas like filling the grounds with busking stations. I want to be a creatively contributing participant, not just a consumer. Maybe with Kristen Leigh, we could get a whole tent together. 

The Goose still needs  to extend beyond their circle of friends and those who are visibly famous. (That is, by the way, understandable, but…) There needs to be an openness to other voices. People who have been working in other gardens who have come to the same questions. (Where are my Presbyterian brothers and sisters? Of course I saw 2 or 3, but…)

I come back with an ever-expanding to do list.  I think that’s how it’s supposed to be….

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