Friday, October 14, 2016

"The Gateways: The Wisdom of 12 Step Spirituality" by Jane Galloway. A review.


Just finished The Gateways: The Wisdom of 12 Step Spirituality by Jane Galloway. It’s subtitle is “Dynamic Practices that Work.”  I recommend this book for anyone wrestling with addiction problems, but even more so for anyone  seeking a deeper spiritual experience and inner healing. Jane begins with a theological exegesis of the traditional 12 step path and then leads us to deeper spiritual connections across a variety of traditions.The book is set up as more of a “workbook” than a didactic instruction book. It is intended to provide ways to actually explore and experience  a richer spiritual life. My highest compliment would be that at a certain point in the introductory section, I began looking forward to the Gateways as a way to deepen my own spiritual experience. It is also indicative of Jane’s commitments that she includes a section on how these practises can be used in building community. This is a book only Jane Galloway could have written. She has lived in both the worlds of traditional mainline “church” and also New Thought, worlds which often don’t touch, or see, each other.She is a very valuable “bridge person”between these worlds. As you will discover,  she has also explored Wisdom literature, and practice, in the broadest possible way. She is a scholar, a theologian, a preacher, but most of all pastor.  Its from that caring perspective this book is written.  I will always be thankful for our years as colleagues at West Park and for what I learned from her Sanctuary community and what I continue to learn from her as a friend. 

(Search "Jane Galloway" to read about her years at West-Park)

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