Saturday, August 22, 2015

The open mic returns


Our host RL

One of those night when the Open Mic just attracts an amazing array of  very skilled people. I walk in as a singer-song writer Diana Feldman is singing originals with a pedal steel guitar player, Michael Pfeiffer.
Diana and Michael
Pedal steel being one of my favorite instruments. Diana finishes with an original on piano. She’s getting herself ready for a gig coming up in Rhinebeck. 
Diana at the piano

Paul Mills
Paul Mills
weaves captivating tales lead us on intense journeys with quasi spoken word pieces accompanied by  a piano that paints in dark and rich colors. John Holland’s original Second Avenue has just been chosen for a movie and his Chelsea Hotel song has us all singing along.  Stephen Bea, the stand up comedian, we discover is a school teacher.
Stephen bea

I fulfill a long time fantasy by getting to try out my new original accompanied by a pedal steel guitar. And then I turn my Adam and Eve song into an Irish trad song and finish with Blue Eyes cryin’ in the rain, with Michael again. He is a true master of the pedal steel.

David Lyons
David Lyons, back from Australia and New Zealand, breaks back in a with a country set.  Dion, a stand up guy in every way, has one of his best sets, perhaps because his lady is there to cheer him on. As are an interesting number of other stayers, as RL calls those who only come to listen.

As always, RL closes us out with Stay Awhile, moved by the way the night has fulfilled his love of live music where people don’t jam but collaborate and help one another out. It’s been a great night and its good to 
be back.

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