Saturday, December 20, 2014

That's all one...

Stairwell Theatre 12th Night Jam

I hear music in the sanctuary. Sam G is at the piano, practicing for his Twelfth Night Jam coming up Thursday, working o  original arrangements of Shakespeare songs.


Representatives of Broadway Bound kids are in looking for time and space.

Gregory  makes another of his visits, just looking for metrocard money.

I explain to Charles that as long as the front doors are open, it’s OK with me if Geoffrey sleeps in the church. He occasionally sleeps up at Elise’s Advent church as well.

On the other hand, the sleeping  man outside, the one who looks like a mean Uncle Ben, needs to go. He’ s on the sidewalk, between our steps and Barney Greengrass. Completely wrapped up in a comforter, with various debris around him.


Back after a breakfast at Union with representatives from Ferguson.  It’s clear that we clergy are not the leaders here. Like so much else, we need to be chaplains, and in accompaniment.  But the young folks on the street are already way ahead of us. With Occupy veterans providing logistical support. The morning  ended with another die-in, this time on Broadway and 120th.

David S tries to help me with the sleeping man . But he pops up, gets very hostile. Tells us to do what we gotta do. Which is call Project Reachout and then ultimately the police, who do succeed in getting him to move on. Even though we are responsible for the sidewalk, it is still public.

An Irish artist looking for space.

Another emergent church (with Baptist roots) in looking  for major worship time space. They’ve got 4 services, 800 members.   Still amazes me. Not quite sure what to make of that.

Pat meets with an arts group with desire for major space. Their own house has lots share of intrigue.

There’s a low turnout for Sam’s  Stairwell Theatre 12th Night Jam. Maybe it’s the winter and cold weather. (Well, that’s As You Like It..) the night begins by giving an explanation of the day. The end of Christmas. A night of revelry and role reversal, tricks and pranks. The play itself probably written for a revel.

There are songs. And monologues. And games. And mustaches. Mulled wine and bags of treats. Ending of course, with Feste’s song. (…the rain it raineth every day…)There’s a warmth in the darkness of the sanctuary.

(As for music, I always remember the wistful, melancholy, magical score written by the Brooklyn band Hem for the 2009 Shakespeare in the park production…)

Then comes time for sharing. I work my way through Robert Earl Keen’s Merry Christmass from the family, still rough. And later Blue eyes cryin’ in the rain… A couple from Guatemala shares crafts and a song.

I feel like Sam is really on to something with his format. Just needs more people. (Believe me Sam, I’ve been there…) and finding the right way to  get them there.

….that’s all one, our play is done….

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