Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: Boiler. Pigeons. Roof.

Valentine’s Day.  After services yesterday, we gathered on the steps  to make a Valentine’s Day picture to post and say we love our church.Warm and sunny. Almost 50. Until the sun  goes down and the wind picks up. John calls late in the day. He’s with the Woodshed Theatre Collective at the church. There’s more water damage. So I head there. Sure enough, in the northwest corner, more plaster has fallen and there’s a growing puddle on the sanctuary floor. There had been a pile of plaster there before that had been swept up during our clean up day. But it’s clear that the heavy snow that has been on the roof is starting  to melt. This can only get worse. Can we use the money at the Landmarks Conservancy for this? Boiler. Pigeons. Roof.

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