Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Souls Day

11/2 All Souls’ Day/ Election Day

Sunny cold morning. First morning under 40’. Steps pretty quiet today. I see the candy has been taken. The skull is still there. Tomorrow I’ll take it all down. And one pastry is left in a box from Lalo, an upscale cafe in the neighborhood. (For those who might remember Sleepless in Seattle.) So I will open the doors and work in y office, heat or no heat. Let that begin. Today is election day. A big one. We’ll see what happens. Got to get some signage, find a way to et people know we’re open an that I’m here. We’re here.

Ah, someone is coming in the door. Two women. They have seen Holly’s ofrenda and want to see what’s going on. I go to greet them. One woman speaks hesitantly. “We are not from here.” ‘Where are you from?” I ask. “Argentina” she says. “Bienvenidos a Nueva York, a nuestra iglesia.” I say.

“ Que manera de iglesia es?” she asks. ‘Evangelical,protestante, “ I say. “Ah” she says. They smile and start off. “Buenos dias,” I say, “Tenga un buen visito a nuestra ciudad.”

Time to vote.

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